Goal 9: Global Connections

At first I thought that I wouldn’t be able to do goal no. 9.

I once participated in a lovely project called Friends and Flags where we connected with students from Finland and the US. We sent them real packages about our country. It was great but not suitable for my classes. It was A LOT OF WORK for me, I had a great connection with the teacher from Finland but the kids less so. And the physical packages arrived (as the program dictated) at a time of year when we were in exam mode for the final national matriculation exams.

Anyway, I created some poll questions on our class site. If we can get some students from abroad to take them, we can compare notes! Actually, we’ll see how many of MY pupils take the polls. I reserved the computer room for this Sunday so I dould have lots of kids take it. However, polls are blocked at school!

But this is about as big a global connection I can handle right now!

2 thoughts on “Goal 9: Global Connections”

  1. A poll is a great idea! It gives perspective, is quick, & a great way to reveal statistically cultural perspectives! I’ll tweet away and hope you get your results! 🙂 Thanks for thinking about a quick way to do this!

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