Goal 13 – Help them Reflect on Their Errors & My PLN

Errors, dealing with failure, is diffiuclt for anoyne, let alone the special ed students! Such an important, huge, complex and difficult issue with my pupils !

It took me a while to figure out how to relate to this goal without turning it into a term paper!

So I just want to share the beauty of this new PLN I have been building since I started blogging and joined Twitter. With the extreme variation in my classroom, I need a variety of ideas and strategies to use (NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING, works for everyone). I need to discuss it, a lot, without boring people silly.

Already I have had a “spark igniting” conversation on this topic with Tyson Seburn following his post on the topic. I feel greatly encouraged that I will have fascinating people to hash out these issues with!

2 thoughts on “Goal 13 – Help them Reflect on Their Errors & My PLN”

  1. Thanks for the mention, Naomi. I’m just now starting to read through your blog. You’re an extremely diligent #30Goals poster–something I cannot claim to be. I’m glad that you are finding good people to build in your PLN as it is an amazing opportunity available to us these days.

  2. These 30 goals introduced me to a lot of inspiring educators, such as you!
    Thanks for stopping by!

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