Goal 19: Why teachers should get credit for bird watching.

This goal of the 30goals challenge deals with  “burn out”, which is a very real problem for me. I’ve been a teacher for 25 years and I’m very involved in what I do.

I’ve been spending less free time doing other things  since I started blogging and reading all these fascinating blogs by others! Yet I feel that doing so encourages me to keep going! Don’t really know what to do about that one.

Anyway, here’s something I wrote for a local English teacher’s  publication, the ETNI RAG on why bird watching is good for teachers:


a puffin

2 thoughts on “Goal 19: Why teachers should get credit for bird watching.”

  1. Blogging is definitely the double-edged sword, one that contributes to my enrichment (and pleasure), but also takes up the free time I could be spending outside the world of ELT.

    Bird watching is not a hobby I often hear people doing anymore, but it sounds as though it too was more than just a hobby. Are you still doing it?

  2. I’m a terrible bird watcher. My brother and son are serious about it but I just like looking at them and observing behavior. I’m hopeless at identifying more than a few kinds.

    It’s the course that was great. Being able, one day a month, to be out of the classroom, learning something in nature, had a wonderful influence on me. But that I could only take because I was on half a sabbatical. I miss having something like that now!

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