Is Being a Creative Teacher & Being Efficient with Paperwork a Contradiction?

Or is it just me?

As part of my job as  a counselor I have to address, fill (with various papers) and mail out  315 envelopes to schools around the country, according to a list of names.  Some envelopes are filled with five pages, others with thirteen.

I’m incredibly slow.

It’s not that I’m disorganized. Rather just looking at the size of the pile gets me down.

I also get distracted with odd thoughts as I work, such as:

*Hmm, what an unusual name this student has. I wonder if she gets teased because of it.

*Hmm, this place is so small they don’t even have street numbers for the address.

*Who is this school named after? I wonder who he was…

And, of course, I am writing this post instead of working!!!

5 thoughts on “Is Being a Creative Teacher & Being Efficient with Paperwork a Contradiction?”

  1. Hi Naomi,
    I can sympathise completely! I once spent 3 days on a temping job putting DVDs into envelopes with three pieces of paper each for the British Sociological Association. Many papercuts ensued! But I found it helps if you divide it into smaller piles – then you feel a sense of progress 🙂 especially if you hide some of the piles in a different room. You could also listen to some upbeat music too – rhythms help.
    Good luck and go and do some work! 😉

  2. What never ceases to amaze me is that when I do have some help with this bi-annual task from a secretary – they are all so much faster than I am!

    Music helps! can’t hide any pile though – the list of pupils’ names is staring me in the face!

    Wish they would figure out the email option!

  3. paperwork is only for times when all the other projects are worse.
    When i need a complete feeling of virgo order, a sense of watching a tall pile shrink into an empty space.
    music – oh yes
    and if only there were a friend to make it a group therapy.

    -best to you. Thanks for this moment of enjoying nostalgic memories of addressing envelopes by hand…


  4. I’m glad I could contrubute to a trip down memory lane. You can find me doing this before every Bagrut Exam. You are invited for a cup of tea and a pile of envelopes to address!

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