Warning! Blogging Can have a NEGATIVE effect on your COOKING!


I’m a “slow” person. I do EVERYTHING slowly. While that certainly has some advantages as a parent and a teacher there are no advantages AT ALL when it comes to housework.

Since I work full time, do housework slowly AND blog, the title of the post: “How to Write Blog Posts Faster…”  really caught my attention. That post turned out to be not so relevant as the author is focusing on a different kind of blog, but his other post had a big impact.

Ivan Walsh talks about how he washes the dishes and does the housework while planning his posts. He also has a child! He treats blogging as something to be integrated into your life.

Now, I have ALWAYS thought about other things while doing housework (which is one of the reasons I do them so slowly) but reading how Mr. Walsh explains that it is the efficient thing to do was quite a liberating feeling. Especially as I have recently become involved in discussions on other blogs, not just my own.


Since reading that post I have baked a mushroom casserole without the seasonings.

I put the wrong seasoning into another dish.

I meant to cook two cups of rice. I ended up taking the rice jar, pouring one cup into the pot, putting the rice jar away and the measuring cup in the sink. Then repeating the process as I  remembered I needed another cup.

You get the idea.

I must say, though, his suggestion regarding using Live Writer is helpful – it’s much easier to deal with pictures here and the fact that you are writing offline is quicker in itself. People in my PLN advised me to try it and they were right!

So, how do I “turn off” blogging thoughts while cooking?

9 thoughts on “Warning! Blogging Can have a NEGATIVE effect on your COOKING!”

  1. Love it!
    I’m forever writing blog posts when I do the washing up – or walk around the supermarket – or forget to put the coffee in the coffee machine 😉 – and as for long car drives …
    problem is that most of them don’t actually materialise 😉

  2. I see we both better be careful when driving!
    I love the posts you write that DO materialize!

  3. Been there, done that Naomi… 🙂 Forgot to put salt once! But I’m with Ceri…most times they just don’t materialize…I think of them , may even think of a word, the initial sentence or paragraph – but that’s it.

    You’re not alone dearest Naomi…. not by far as I can see.


  4. I guess all our lives are about juggling and sometimes those pesky balls don’t stay up in the air!
    Your posts are worth waiting for!

  5. Echo your Ceri’ and Ceci’s thoughts… always have blog thoughts in the back of my mind. And that “turn-off” button is one that many wise folk have searched over the years. Not so obtainable.

    I meditated over an hour a day for well over a year. I did two 10-day 12 hour-day meditation retreats seeking that path. If anything it only made it more apparent how “monk-ey” and “non-monk”, my mind is. Accepting that is the first step on that wise path. 🙂

    I love being on a page of comments with so many of many favorite folks—- HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY ALL 🙂

  6. Ah! “Turn off button” – that was a term I was lacking!
    That’s why I almost always spend some time reading before going to bed, it is the only thing that activates that “turn off button” and then I can sleep!

  7. I am reading your blog in the dark as my husband sleeps at my side snoring. I bought dinner tonight and did not cook just so I could read blogs and also blog before I went to bed so I might clear my head! love this post!

  8. Ah, buying dinner – that’s a fun one!
    You know, in Israel, most people eat their main meal of the day at lunch, either at work or at home. We all ear lunch at home AND supper (usually a large salad and omellette) so there’s more cooking to be done!

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