I Have Been Interviewed!

Photo by Gil Epshtein
Photo by Gil Epshtein

I know I may sound like someone who is touting her own horn here, but I had a really fun video chat with Sandy Millin (in the Czech Republic!).

She’s been helping me into the world of twitter and online collaborative tools, patiently explaining all these unfamiliar acronyms used by teachers from language schools AND offering practical advice when commenting on my blog!

So, when after all that she insisted that she wanted to interview me, I thought I should let you know that it is here!

3 thoughts on “I Have Been Interviewed!”

  1. Hi Naomi,
    It was a pleasure interviewing you, and as you can see from the response to the post, you were definitely worthy 😉
    Thanks for all the help you’ve given me!

  2. Thank YOU!
    You wrote up everything in such an interesting manner – a proffesional!
    All this support is really meaningful for me!
    It was a PLEASURE chatting to you and now that we figured it out I hope we can do it again for other discussions!

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