A Picture Guide to Being a Teacher

* Photos by Gil Epshtein

Being a teacher is making each learner want to exclaim, “I’ve got mail”!


Being a teacher is giving them a safe harbor in which to work on their boats before sailing away.


Being a teacher is “kvetching” about your day and then coming into school the next morning with a smile on your face.


Being a teacher is being incredibly alert for seven or eight hours straight, day after day.


Being a teacher is juggling between the needs of the class and those of individual students.


Being a teacher is explaining the same thing in twelve different ways.

different interpretation

Being a teacher is wondering why on earth you got into this profession in the first place!


Being a teacher is recognizing that part of your work is like footsteps in the sand – you have nothing in your hand at the end of the day to hold up and show: “Here is the imprint I made in the learner’s brain”. Nonetheless, the imprint was made!


9 thoughts on “A Picture Guide to Being a Teacher”

  1. One of the most minimal but at the same time absolutely amazing posts! phrases which represent of of the teachers, things we can’t say, just because they’re actually feelings!
    Thanks a lot Naomi!

  2. Sandy and Nora!
    So glad you liked it! I wasn’t sure if others would relate to my choices but that’s what is so great about having a blog! I felt like it so I posted it!
    Thanks for commenting!

    1. I find these pictures to be so full of meaning – they help me express what I want to say!
      I’m glad you like them too!

  3. In the ESL/EFL classroom, we would call this Digital Storytelling. I took an online session with Carla Arena during TESOL’s Electronic Village Online this year. Your post here is right on target.

  4. Sandra!
    So sorry for the delay in responding to your supportive comment – I was away on holiday in Alaska, offline!
    Thank you so much for stopping by!

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