Saturday’s Book: “The Day Before Happiness” by Erri De Luca

I’m reading this in Hebrew, translated from Italian.

What an unusual book! Reading this book is not just about following the story line (the story is told from the point of view of an orphan boy growing up in Naples after World War 2). The descriptions, the comments about life and the use of language in general is simply amazing! Different from anything I have read before.

My husband said that his book “God’s Mountain” is even better than this one. A trip to the library is already planned!

4 thoughts on “Saturday’s Book: “The Day Before Happiness” by Erri De Luca”

  1. Naomi! I am in awe of the fact that you read every Shabat! I too read a lot (sometimes 2-3 books at a time) always have a book with me wherever I go, but it is not the same – not the same enriching experience you have! Kol HaKavod! Hugs

  2. Judy!
    This blog may give the impression that I finish a book a week but I don’t, at least not during the school year. If you notice some posts are about a trip or a children’s book that I love – during those weeks I’m still reading the same book I was the week before!
    I knew we share a love of books!

  3. Paola!
    That sounds so exciting!
    I have already been to the library and now have “God’s Mountain” waiting patiently for me!

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