The Simple Joys of FEBRUARY!

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I left the classroom today with a certain sense of satisfaction.

Right! It’s February!

It’s not just that is the last real month of winter around here.

Every year, February isĀ  the time of year when I can finally begin to feel that most students (NEVER say ALL) are moving in the right direction.

The 12th graders are beginning to see the ” exit door” to high-school opening wide and many are really buckling down.

Most of the 11th graders who were problematic behavioral -wise in 10 th grade have decided they really want to try taking the upcoming 11th grade finals and have dropped some of their “wasting time” behaviors.


It’s the 10th graders who make February into FEBRUARY!

I finally feel that they have settled down and adjusted to life in high-school.

The move from Junior High to High School is quite a move for everyone (expecially as our school is SO large, 1700 students!) but for some it is really difficult. Particularly those students who came to us from the mainstream, where they were the only hard of hearing students in the entire school. They often were treated as “the poor things” and simply did not do many things that were hard for them. Teachers would take pity on them in tests, forgive them for being late , etc.

Here they had to adjust to a framework where the excuse “But I don’t hear well” simply doesn’t carry weight! Neither do any of the other 59 students in our program situated in a regular high-school!

The acting out, the tears and other forms of drama have seemed to die down. Life is so much easier without them!

Ah, the joys of February!

2 thoughts on “The Simple Joys of FEBRUARY!”

  1. Hi Naomi,
    I haven’t been around for a while, but now that I came back your post struck a chord with me. I love the second semester so much more. The first year students have finally understood how we function in our school. That despite the freedom (which is such an incredibly new notion for them) THEY are responsible for their performances. During the first semester they are simply happy being there and sometimes seem to forget the whole purpose of the school. However, at the beginning of January they recieve their first marks and the first tough feedback from the teachers – it’s there and then it finally hits home and they correct their tactics.
    Yes, second semester is the time we, the teachers, reap the harvest.

  2. So glad to “see” you again and to hear that you understand what I’m talking about! I probably should have called the post “the joys of the second semester” and then people wouldn’t think that I’m looking forward to Valentines Day!
    Glad you are back!

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