Saturday’s Trip in the Sun!

Today was the first warm sunny day in almost  a month. So off we went to the Judean Desert.

Life is old here.

We saw what’s left of early monasteries (6th century) and the gorgeous spring that sustained them (it is very quiet there, even today!).

We saw the route where my Biblical namesake Naomi, along with her daughter in law Ruth, is believed to have travelled from Edom to Bethlehem.

And we just saw the beauty of nature and enjoyed the sun!

Here are a few pictures, all taken by my son, Omri Epstein:

          DSCF2945                       DSCF2956 

DSCF2950                         DSCF2953       

DSCF2964         DSCF2983        DSCF2969

3 thoughts on “Saturday’s Trip in the Sun!”

    1. So sorry you had to miss a great day to be outdoors, Leo!
      Seems the weather will be giving you another chance – it will be warmer tomorrow!
      Vicky, I wish you could escape from cold Europe and go sightseeing here! Maybe you could drag Leo away from work, LOL!
      Glad to hear you liked the pictures!

  1. Hi Naomi!

    Happy you had a great day and thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures! Hope I can visit your wonderful country one day too : )

    We had a sunny day here too after a long time, but -11 degrees – eeeek!

    Have a great Sunday tomorrow,

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