Saturday’s Book: “Spanish Charity” by Abraham B. Yehoshua

The choice of picture on a book’s cover is never accidental. Yet I belieive it is the first time I’ve read a book that uses the picture on the cover (Roman Charity by Matthias Meyvogel) as a starting point for the story.I found myself going back to the cover several times to look at details I hadn’t noticed.

This author is an expert at quickly drawing the reader into the story. You begin with an aging film director, who was invited to Santiago de compostela (Spain) for a retrospection of his films, studying the painting in his room. Before you know it you realize there is a connection between the old city, the world of cinema, the painting and, of course, the hero’s life.

All that’s left is to find time to read, relax and see how it all unfolds!

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