Saturday’s Book – It’s Audio, but not quite a Book!

As you may remember, I really enjoy audio books. Particularly when I have to do housework!

As it has been a while since I finished listening to “Great Expectations” (Dickens) and haven’t gotten a hold of a new one, I’m listening to Coffee Break Spanish – Spanish Lessons!

Now, its not the same as having an audio book, as I don’t want to listen to too much new information at once. One lesson of 20 minutes is enough for a day (sometimes I listen to a lessson more than once, but not on the same day). Its not enough for housework!

But it is great fun. The course is from SCOTLAND and the characters speak English with a beautiful Scottish accent! I had to go back to the beginning of the first lesson becuase I was focusing on that lovely accent instead of the Spanish! But now I’m used to it – Mark and Kara are very pleasant to listen to. It’s tourist oriented and has lots of useful phrases.

It’s odd to learn a language without using any book or any written material at all. I plan to use Quizlet and I have the coursebook I once learned beginning Spanish with but haven’t gotten to any of that yet. I just listen!

It’s an interesting experiment to see how much I will retain simply by listening! I certainly remember how to say “Scotland” in Spanish!

2 thoughts on “Saturday’s Book – It’s Audio, but not quite a Book!”

  1. Hi Naomi!

    Yay for your Saturday post – and quite a different one as well! I am very happy that you are enjoying your Spanish lessons – a few months back I was doing something similar…in Finnish! I love that language : )

    Let us know how you are getting along. It is so wonderful to learn something new!

    Best wishes,

    1. Thanks Vicky!
      Wow, Finnish,that’s a much harder language to master – good luck with that!

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