A Conference OUTPUT SESSION – On to Stage Two!

Emboldened by all the encouragement I got when I floated the idea of having an OUTPUT SESSION  at a conference I submitted a proposal.

My proposal has been accepted for the upcoming ETAI Jerusalem Conference! Perhaps it helped that the theme chosen for the conference is “Keeping an Open Mind”?

Now, on to stage two – getting teachers interested in the idea.

I posted a letter to our local list explaining the idea and a call to vote for the topic (many thanks to David Lloyd for setting up the poll!)

Here’s the letter:

Have you ever stopped to think at what an amazing resource of accumulated wisdom the teachers who attend ETAI conferences are? Teachers who have experience teaching every age group and every sector in the country.

Well, it’s time to start tapping into the vast experience of our ETAI members by having an OUTPUT SESSION.

In this first output session we will join forces to formulate an agreed list of ONLY seven “Do’s” and seven “Don’ts” on ONE of the following topics. Please go to the following link to vote for ONE of the six possible topics!


The results of our combined efforts at the Output Session will be posted on the ETAI website, in the ETAI Forum and more!

Let’s begin a new tradition!

Stage three will be on Tuesday, July 3rd, at 1:30. I don’t know if the number of teachers who take the poll is any indication of how many will participate in the session, but one thing I AM sure of –  now is the time to give me advice regarding being a moderator!

2 thoughts on “A Conference OUTPUT SESSION – On to Stage Two!”

  1. What a fabulous idea! I think you may really have struck on something here. I’m sure you will be a great moderator and I look forward to hearing how it goes…

  2. Thank you so much for your encouragement Sophia! I hope the idea will catch on – the teachers who attend have so much to offer!

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