Saturday’s Book and BIG Debate

The book is the third installment of The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency : Morality For Beautiful Girls by Alexander McCall Smith.

The author certainly created a magnet there for me and I’m quite sure I will read all the books in the series. But I’ve definitely learned my lesson about not reading them one after the other! Its like the term “comfort food” except for books – easy read, optimistic ending, etc. I finished it in 4 days (and that’s ony because I was busy!).

I’m treating myself to an audio book. Trouble is, now that I have all this choice, I can’t choose one!

At first I thought I would choose a non-fiction book which is harder for me to get at the library in English. Perhaps by Dan Ariely (have been talking to Vicky Loras about it) or a book by Bill Bryson. However, these are the kinds of books I often want to discuss with Roni and the boys and I can’t relate to anything when its an audiobook.

So, fiction it is. There are SO many titles, after 15 pages of browsing I got confused. There are, naturally, a lot of books which aren’t “my style”. So, I tried to look for authors I enjoyed in the past and try another book they had written.

The reviews for some of the books described the ones I HAD read by those authors as their best ones.

Some audio-books cost 45 dollars. I most certainly can afford it but it doens’t make sense to me to spend a sum that high. I could get 4 books for that price!

Some audio-books won’t download for Israel. The odd thing about copyright. I’m paying, so what do they care where I live?

But basically there is this feeling that is so different from borrowing a book from the library – I can’t just say oops, don’t really like this one after all. Lets pop over to the library and get a different one…

It’s been 3 days and still haven’t picked one yet!


2 thoughts on “Saturday’s Book and BIG Debate”

  1. I downloaded “The Glass Castle” by Jeanette Walls last night. It’s great so far. It’s a memoir, but reads like a novel. My daughter’s teacher recommended it because she said it reminded her of my novel. I try to always have one audiobook on the go. It’s a nice break from reading text. I saw on twitter that you decided on the Blind Assassin. That is one of my favourite books of all time! Margaret Atwood signed a digital cover for me last year. It’s a precious photo!

    1. So nice to hear a good recommendation for the book I finally decided on! I had a hard time – so much easier at the library!
      Audible doesn’t have the glass castle but I’ll keep an eye out for it at the library.
      Always appreciate a book recommendation!

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