How to Stay SANE and MOTIVATED over the Years – Output from ETAI 2012

At  the ETAI 2012 Conference, in Jerusalem, we hashed out our very first OUPUT list. We formulated
Seven Do s and Don’t s on:
How to Sane and Motivated Over the Years

Before you read this, it was really interesting to note how recommendations that appeared on the list were reflected in the conference itself.
For example:
At the Peka Kucha we learned that our very own “watermelon artist” , Avraham, obviously is enjoying his hobby! And Adele shared with us how good it makes her feel to be a medical clown! Recommendation number two got strong support!
A very different example occured in one of the sessions – humor is a wonderful thing but one has to employ it carefully. One of the presenters had a brief moment of misunderstanding when someone who attended misunderstood her humor. Never fear, it was immediatly cleared up and all is well!
In addition, it seems the principal of the host school (who gave a welcoming talk) was reflecting on the “don’t” of point number three…
And don’t forget the many tech talks, some of them presenting tools to help teachers implement recommendation number five!
Finally, all of us at ETAI were following recommendation number SEVEN!

So, here is the list (it will be posted everywhere possible!):

Number one:
Do – Reflect on lessons that went well – build on THOSE.
Don’t – Don’t obsess over lessons that didn’t work out – Let it go.
Number two:
Do – Have a hobby / relaxing activity to engage in.
Don’t – Don’t say yes to everything the school wants you to do.
Number three:
Do – Have a sense of humor (Warning! Beware of sarcasm).
Don’t – Don’t take everything seriously.
Number four:
Do – Have a shoulder to cry on / someone who will let you vent.
Don’t – Don’t let your issues at school spill into your private life.
Number five:
Do: Collaborate and divide the work with other teachers.
Don’t: Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.
Number six:
Do: Count to ten.
Don’t: Don’t forget to take care of yourself.
Number seven:
Do: Engage in ongoing Professional Development.
Don’t: Don’t try to constantly reinvent the wheel.

11 thoughts on “How to Stay SANE and MOTIVATED over the Years – Output from ETAI 2012”

  1. I can’t stress how important #5 is. Teaching is communal, despite how many think or behave. #1 is great, but also reflecting on lessons that didn’t go well is good. =)

  2. Great list. Very fine points

    Positive version of 6. do remember to take care of yourself! (oh how vital)
    don’t let students rip into your soul (‘rip’ is not good)

  3. Tyson!
    That would make an interesting topic for discussion, why some teachers don’t see teaching as communal. Regardin point number one – one of the teachers was very adamnt about this. she says one learns more from analyzing the lessons that went well.
    Judih – point 6 is very hard for me. Don’t do enough sport…
    Hope the list will be useful somehow!

  4. It was nice meeting you again, Naomi. I hope you enjoyed the conference and it’s a shame the conveners hadn’t shown more support for your idea. Thank you for everything, your ideas, inspiration and taking part in the Pecha Kucha.

  5. I had a great time at the conference and am looking forward to many more!
    Thank you too Leo!

  6. Excellent list agree with all the points and sorry I was not around for ETAI . thank goodness I have such great friends who will update me on everything good that went on.

    1. Ruth,
      That’s what friends are for! You really have a good excuse for not coming to ETAI!

  7. Great list! Thanks for sharing! Can’t wait to see you very soon so we can try some of these out and add a number 8, receive a huge Twitter hug 🙂

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