When Virtual Friends become REAL – Having SHELLY TERRELL over for Dinner

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve announced a standing invitation to our ELTchatters around the world – come, present at a conference (or give a workshop), tour the famous sites, and get a home cooked dinner (with friends) at my place!

This week THE renowned Shelly Terrell came for dinner. I’m still excited, post event!

Before Shelly walked in the door, while I was cooking, I was wondering about what it would be like to meet someone face to face that I had only known virtually. How different are our online personas? Would it be akward? Would the conversation flow?

I don’t have any answers to the general question but I can clearly state that Shelly is as friendly, sweet and fascinating in real life as she is online! And there was no akwardness either! For anyone!

Sara Tilleman, Micki Zaritski, Leo Sellivan, Shelly Terell, Elana Boteach and “a puffin”

I was particularly glad to thank Shelly personally for helping me REALLY start blogging. About two months after I had begun my blog, still “feeling the way”  I began participating in Shelly’s 30 Goal Project. After posting about each of those 30 ways to reflect on my carreer as a teacher, I not only learned a a great deal but became a confident blogger! Shelly was most encouraging in those early days!

Since I was the host I forgot to take a picture of the table. Know that dinner invitations to my house include such staples as cheese lasagne, corn fritters, spinach quiche, chick pea/tahini burgers and lots of salads. Dessert includes my one specialty (in the baking dept.) brownies and fruit. But I DID take a picture (afterwards)  of one of the table decorations – the “Penguin Oscar”. Shelly told me that a lot of people think my puffin symbol is a penguin anyway so that worked well!

Penguin Oscar


7 thoughts on “When Virtual Friends become REAL – Having SHELLY TERRELL over for Dinner”

  1. Sandy,
    Everything I heard about Shelly is true – she is awesome!
    Believe me , whenever you do come, you will get the Red Carpet treatment!
    So glad you shared the fun! May this be the beginning of many more face to face meetings!

  2. Hi Naomi!

    What beautiful photos – I am so happy you met each other : ))) I have seen Shelly face-to-face as well and I agree, she is a very sweet and genuine person.

    Now, I want to meet YOU!!!! Really soon if possible! It will be a whoop whoop day : )

    Vicky xx

  3. Vicky!
    I’m looking forward to meeting you! Everything will be ready when you say the word, from the food all the way to the “penguin oscars”!

  4. Shelly!
    Thank you so much, thus puffin’s beak has gone very red from blushing!
    Glad you had a good time and thanks for the pic of the table! For the record, more food was placed on the table after the picture!
    Wishing you all the best!

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