Saturday’s Book: “Miss Julia Speaks Her Mind” by Ann B. Rose

I know it isn’t fair to label a book as a “travel book” but this book was such an excellent choice to take on a trip!

Just picture this: four a.m, sitting at an airport gate on an uncomfortable chair after barely getting any sleep, loudspeakers in the background, and me engrossed in this book. I read a lot on the plane too, which I don’t always do.

It is very easy reading and the author made me feel as if I was standing beside Miss Julia. I’m not spoiling anything by saying that you know at once there will be a happy end but that just gave me a warm, comforting feeling. Especially as I had no idea how that “happy end” would happen. The story is a great combination between things that make you chuckle and some serious notes.

The book reminds me of “Fried Freen Tomatoes” by Fannie Flag, though I admit I probably made the connection a lot faster because there’s a recommendation by Fannie Flag on the cover of the book! It also reminds me a bit of “The Help” by Kathryn Stockett. Not in the sense of civil rights, this book doesn’t touch on that subject. But rather regarding the issue of the right of the American Southern white women (in the sixties, more or less) to be independant thinkers and manage their own lives. That was certainly an issue that came up in”the Help”.

I finished the book the day after I arrived. Tired or not – had to finish it!

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