Saturday’s Book: “Searching for Caleb” by Anne Tyler

Wow, it is almost Sunday and I haven’t posted “Saturday’s Book” yet. A bit distracted here…

I chose this book because of what it said on the cover (if you recall, I dislike reading blurbs on the back cover): “Bestselling Author of THE ACCIDENTAL TOURIST”.

That was a fun movie! I saw it years ago! The funny thing is, what has mainly left its mark all these years (the movie came out in 1988) was the main character’s job. He was a writer of travel guides on how to minimize the feeling of being abroad when you have to be away from home (such as where to find hamburgers that taste just like the American ones, etc), instead of welcoming new experiences . I always think about this on trips abroad. While most of the time I’m delighted with new experiences, there are certainly times when I would give a lot to eat a proper Israeli salad (lots of chopped tomato, cucumbers, peppers and onion) instead of a bowl full of lettuce with a decorative tomato…

Anyway, back to THIS book!

I was drawn in from the first page. Very readable. Certainly an intriguing, most unusual cast of characters. I won’t even begin to describe them, it would be a spoiler. Now that I’m up to page 100, the pace has gotten slower and the extended family is SO unusual I think it is a bit much. But really, it all depends on where the story goes from here. The wonderful thing about is that I haven’t a clue!

So, I think I’ll add a footnote to this post when I’ve actually finished the book. I’d better not stay up too late reading!


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