So WHAT if I Missed a Lesson (or FOUR)?

We (thank goodness! ) are on vacation now.

Photo by Omri Epstein

The moment I return to high-school, it will be “reckoning time”. The whole time left till the end of the year is basically about tests, literature logs to be handed in and grades.

The time when students finally see the results of being physically (or mentally!) absent from the lessons. Some students are quite amazed that it matters.

This time of year reminds of an incredibly apt and wonderful poem by Tom Wayman. I would like to thank Steve Hellmann for introducing me to it.

Wouldn’t YOU like to say such things to a student sometimes?

Did I Miss Anything? by Tom Wayman


4 thoughts on “So WHAT if I Missed a Lesson (or FOUR)?”

  1. Hi Naomi,
    One of my colleagues madde a very interesting graph for his exam class. He showed the results from two mock exams done a couple of months apart, with improvement compared to attendance. And what do you think he saw? Of course, the higher attendees improved the most! He’s going to show it to every exam class at the start of their course from now on. Most students probably won’t respond, but if at least one does, then that will help 😉
    Good luck!

    1. That’s a wonderful idea, Sandy! Just not sure I know how to make a graph that would show it clearly. Wonder if I could use last course’s data to show at the beginning of the upcoming new course. Hmmm…

  2. He had three columns, one for 100% attendance, one for 80% plus (which we require) and one for less than 80%. The y-axis showed the difference between the score in the first mock and the score in the second. The difference for 100% attendance was almost twice as big as the one for the less than 80%!

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