Saturday’s Books: From Baldacci to McCall Smith

I’m not the least bit against reading a book with a happy end. I mean the kind when you know there’s going to be a happy end from page one. In fact, I need it from time to time.

And I’m perfectly willing to let the hero ” have” a miracle if the writing is good. Even if it happened on Christmas.

But I will absolutely not put up with books that adhere to a mold and are so predictable. I found David Baldacci “One Summer” to be laid out as if ready for a film with Jennifer Aniston (though not sure she is right for the heroine in this case). Person remains alone with 3 children (won’t spoil the miracale) and has to learn to deal with them. Enter person of opposite sex alone with a child. All learn to live again and love again. He DOES write nicely but I couldn’t stand it and abandoned the book.

I moved to “The Full Cupboard of Life” by McCall Smith, from the “No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency”. It is also a book where I know there will be a happy end but so very different! I smile and chuckle and can never predict how Mma Ramotswe will deal with something. I just know that she will!


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