Saturday’s Book: “Run” by Ann Patchett

After my lack of success with my previous library book, I decided to wait no longer. I checked out the third and last Ann Patchett book that the library owns. I really enjoyed the previous two.

What a great choice!

Its difficult to describe the book without spoiling it, as part of its charm is the unpredictable manner in which the story progresses. It takes place in BOSTON (that’s kind of an added perk -I spent my childhood in a Boston suburb with Irish Catholic children) and thereIS an extended family whose lives the reader gets involved in. But just when I feel I know how the plot will play out in the next chapter it veers away and surprises me. Yet it all ties in and does move forward.

The best image I can think of is a searchlight, surpising you anew with each thing it illuminates.

I suppose it is just as well that I will probably finish this book before the trip to Liverpool. I really should try to sleep on the flight and I have trouble stopping and turning off my night light with this one!


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