A Different “Saturday’s Book Post”

For starters, today isn’t Saturday.

Over the weekend something suddenly happened to all the formatting on my blog. The texts were there but everything else was wrong. As you can imagine, I was very upset. But I have to hand it to EDUBLOGS (who host this blog) – they responded very quickly and very efficiently. Everything has been restored.

But that was that for writing that Saturday.

Second, instead of telling you about the book I am reading (you’ll have to wait for next Saturday) I’m referring you to a blog post on a DIFFERENT blog. This is too good to miss. The post is called “To Light a Fire”, by Steve McCurrry. I have to admit, I didn’t recognize the name. He’s the photographer that took the famous “Afghan Girl” photo, National Geographic Magazine.

The fire is being lit by reading books!

Both the quotes and the photos here are great! I love the first one by Victor Hugo – didn’t know that one. Did you?

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