Using Video for Reading Comprehension – Take 4

I defined my series of activities using video for teaching reading comprehension as an experiment.

And experiments don’t always go so well.

There was no problem with the activity I had planned. I felt the students learned something from the discussion on how choice of vocabulary reflects the writer’s opinion. They certainly didn’t know a lot of the vocabulary items involved.

The video was the problem. I had debated whether I should use a commercial for something the students can actually buy. The previous ones I used were commercials too but not for anything relevant. However, the use of language here seemed so perfect for English Language Learners and the sentiment is lovely, that I decided to experiment on the adult learners. There is a difference in what one can do with adults compared to a class of high-school students in the national school system.

I won’t be using this commercial again. It spoiled the effect of the pre-viewing activity, which is the part which should stick in their minds.

Here it is. The worksheet is below. I have added a page with the full text from the commercial.


Which Word Means The Same As          Which Word Answers

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