Saturday’s Book: “Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn

This is a cleverly written book, with a couple of surprises.

It was a good choice as an audio-book (the first one of my gift!) as it has two readers. The story is told in turn, by “him” and her”.

Despite all of that, I can only say I mostly like the book. Parts of it are sort of like a mix of the TV shows “Sex and the City” and “How I Met your Mother” with American crime programs mixed in. Although many people in the story are grappling with authentic, real life problems (unemployment, an aging parent with Alzheimer’s,etc) sometimes I simply don’t feel the level of empathy with the characters I ususally do. Many of the characters whom I read about in books live a life different from my own, yet there are points where this book just feels like a TV show. And I don’t have much patience for TV anymore.

Nonetheless, this has been a stressful week for me and having this book to listen to helped me get things done and stop thinking about other things. And the readers are GOOD!

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