First Day – It’s the SMILE that Matters, Right?

Photo by Roni Epstein
Photo by Roni Epstein

I guess I became a bit too obsessed.

I really wanted the new classroom to look a real English Room the moment the students walk through the door.

I wanted the “phrasal verbs with pictures” , the world map and pictures of the fours seasons to be up.

I wanted the word-card boxes to be full and arranged at the station.

I wanted the library corner to be nicely arranged.

I wanted the curtains washed (they were hung in a very complex way, awfully high, and I need the janitor to find the time to take them down).

But my family is getting tired of hearing about my classroom and one of my administrators said I should stop feeling sorry for myself. This is after I made sure once again that she knew that the air-conditioner had not yet arrived and it is beastly hot in the room which I am clearing out. And how I can’t do any decorating til after the drilling for the air-conditioner will be done (you know, pieces of plaster and dust everywhere) and the wall-carpets will be hung.

So lets count the things that are ready.

School starts on Tuesday. If the air-conditioner DOES arrive on Sunday as promised, it will be possible to teach there. Because, thanks to help from my good friend Dorit and my son, the classroom has progressed from looking worse than this (it was full of junk when I got it):

2013-08-18 10.10.50

to this:

2013-08-20 13.48.35

The ceiling is new and the two extra doors have been sealed. I have more closet space than I have ever had. The holes in the wall are hidden behind the sad computer covered in the back (they WILL be dealt with, just not for the first day). As long as the air-conditoner arrives, a teacher armed with material for the first lessons and a BIG SMILE can work in this room. Even if it doesn’t look  like an ENGLISH room yet. Right? Right!

P.S – Still mourning the loss of Internet connection though. I’m optimistic that I will get it at some point but we used the Internet intensively till now…

4 thoughts on “First Day – It’s the SMILE that Matters, Right?”

  1. Hi Naomi!

    Wow – you guys did a great job! In the second photo, it has been transformed into a very welcomeing space full of light – that is how it looks! I know you were expecting more things to happen, but believe me, the students will realise you did everything with love – abd the rest can come later on, right? Fingers crossed about the a/c! Hugs to you all and wishing you a great new school year!

    1. Vicky,
      One of the reasons I blog is because of all the support I get from my PLN. Noone else seems interested in hearing about my class, at least you are!
      Thank you!

  2. Hi Naomi,
    Well I’m jealous – you have an English Room!!! Try and look at the bright side the room is useable and I’m sure that by the end of September ( אחרי החגים) things will be even better!!!!
    Wishing you lots of luck & a Happy New Year

  3. Julie,
    Now that the air conditioner is FINALLY working, I feel much better about it all.
    Now for an Internet connection…

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