Saturday’s Book: “Switch” by Chip & Dan Heath

The full title of the book is “Switch -How to Change Things when Change is Hard”.

Getting a hold of this book was ridiculously hard but it was worth the effort. It took all summer. One store said they would order it and then after two weeks said they were sorry but they couldn’t. Then the other store (I had received birthday gift certificates to these stores, otherwise I would have ordered elsewhere). said that transferring books in English from another branch is a process that takes two to three weeks (?!! It’s a small country and the branches were not far!). After FOUR weeks it was discovered that they made an error and the order was never processed. To make a long story short, the young manager of the shop was so embarassed that someone just drove to the other store and brought the book and they gave me a small discount!

All worth it. I know I’ll be writing about how relevant this book is for teachers in some regular post (not a SATURDAY one!) but this first reading was absolutely fascinating on every level.  It is so readable (with some humor too!) and not “preachy”.  Everything is explained very clearly with a really useful summary and Q/A page at the end. The book  made me more aware of things I am already doing at home too, and things I am not. I also found it very optimistic.

As someone who really really tries not to purchase books and is a firm believer in libraries, this is certainly a book to have on your very own bookshelf!

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