Visualising Feelings about Sound

Students love it when we ask them how they feel. In fact, we all do.

It gets even better when we get information about how our choices compare to other people’s choices.

Thanks to Larry Ferlazzo I learned about this wonderful interactive activity, useful for enriching vocabulary related to feelings.

The emphasis is on sounds, which is problematic for my students. Some of them CAN hear the sounds in real life (such as a crying baby) but not on the computer. So I adapted the activity to focus on the question:

“How do you feel when you think about these things?”

Since some of the visuals used in the original link are not clear enough to understand through sight alone (it becomes clear when you hear the accompanying sound) I created a worksheet detailing the list of things to think about when doing this activity.

So far the students’ reactions have been very positive!

Here’s the worksheet and the link.

how do you feel about this

Emotions of Sound Interactive Survey from Amplifon

Emotions of Sound by Amplifon



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