Saturday’s Book: “What Really Matters” by Haim Shapira

I like this book, but in very small doses.

Haim Shapira is a talented person, witty and highly educated person (2 P.H.D’s in Mathematics and an impressive knowlegde of literature). I haven’t had the pleasure of hearing him live yet (here’s a link to a TEDX talk with him. I would rather listen to him in Hebrew, his command of the language is better…)

The book is divided into sections and so are my feelings about it.

The introduction made me smile and even laugh out loud. His writing style is very attractive and I love the way he quotes famous authors, poets and actors.

However, after reading life lessons we should be learning from Winnie the Pooh  I felt such an oversdose of sweet tasting goo in my mouth that I went out and read my first Toni Morrison (see previous posts!), which I enjoyed so very much. As expected, she got rid of any excess sugary taste.

I’m really enjoying this second section, looking at Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass through all sorts of different lenses. Interesting explanation about the difficulties of translating these books! No sugary taste here!

Nonetheless, it doesn’t hold my attention enough to read it all the way through as one book. I think I will again read something else and then come back for another visit.

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