Saturday’s Book: “Moon Palace” by Paul Auster

Every few years I try to read another book by Paul Auster, hoping to recreate the excitement I felt more than 20 years ago when I read “Mr. Vertigo”.  I read “The Music of Chance” almost immediately after it but can’t recall much about it. However, the others I have tried over the years were a disappointment. Particularly the last one, “The Brooklyn Trilogy”, which I belive I read seven years ago (it was on a trip, so I remember!). That collection of three stories seemed like three versions of the same story.

Moon Palace is much better! I didn’t get excited about it but I enjoyed it. The descriptions are great and the story has some surprising twists. I do think it would have been better if it were a bit shorter.

For a change, I actually don’t recommend this book as an audiobook, which is how I experienced it. The reader was excellent, as always on Audible. But it is a book that progresses slowly. When I was able to listen for a reasonable period of time at once (half an hour?) I “synced” with the pace of the story. But I think it would have been easier with a printed book.

On the other hand, the intonation adds so much!

Anyway, good book.

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