Film English’s “Saving Grace” is a HIT!

The brave little plant (I took this one!)
The brave little plant
(I took this one!)

Film English is a highly reccomended blog to follow as there are gems to be found there.

Kieran Donaghy’s Saving Grace lesson plan suited my needs perfectly. First of all, the topic is an important one, and its accessible. Everything in the film is written – my deaf and hard of hearing students aren’t missing any information.

In addition, it was easily adaptable as a homework assignment. I simply gave my strong group of 10th grade students the ¬†worksheet below, based on the lesson plan on the blog, and they understood it well. The new phrase “saving grace” was clear too.

Two of the girls stopped me in the hallway (!!!) and remarked that this assignment was really moving!

Thank you Kieran!

Here’s the worksheet:


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