Saturday’s Book: The Museum of Extraordinary Things by Hoffman

Oh, how I pined for dialogue!

Don’t get me wrong, the description are absolutelly first rate. Beautiful descriptions. You can certainly picture New York at the beginning of the 20th century, the city and the river, the horror of the sweatshops where the workers were really slaves and their childhood lost and the oddities of Coney Island. Important topics such as the tragedy of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory in 1911 which was truly the 9/11 of that century, and she gives faces to these people. Truthfully, at this point of the book I was sorry that I was listening to it as an audiobook. I would rather not ┬ávisualize the tragedy that clearly…

But there’s a love story here. An amazing one too. Yet the descriptions of the characters’ state of mind is endless. The story moves back and forth between each of their points of view. At times it seemed to me that the book must have originally been published in installments, because each time we go back to a character the auth0r seems to feel a need to remind us of the characters background and frame of mind. I PAID ATTENTION! I REMEMBER!

It is basically a good book but both characters are super lonely and hardly communicate with anyone – oh how I pined for dialogue! Perhaps a book better read than listened to.


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