Early Saturday’s Book: The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Gaiman

I took this one and it seems to fit the post.
I took this one and it seems to fit the post.

I’ve had belated Saturday book posts, for a change – here’s an early one. I’m on vacation, finished the book and don’t want to wait (I’m already starting the next one!).

This book upset me.


It IS Neil Gaiman, and I couldn’t put it down. I’m sure that whatever book I read of his I wouldn’t be able to stop before the end. But I finished it to feel closure.

The previous book I read, “The Graveyard Book”  had humor and wonder along with scary stuff and fantasy. I found this book so very very cold. I KNOW that a given for all such books is that children have to fight off the “demons” in their lives without parents to help them (so many orphans in these books!).  And, without moving into spoilers, I can see this book either as a fantasy book or a book depicting the way a child perceives all that his parents are going through and how it affects his life. Very clever. But so very cold!

I can’t get over a seven-year old boy’s kitten being run over and his parents didn’t even mention the incident or give him a hug! The book left me feeling unhappy – good I’m off to the next one!

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