Saturday’s Book: “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children” by Riggs

Reflections of 2 Dream Catchers
Reflections of 2 Dream Catchers

* I missed my blog…

This was a recommendation from Adele Raemer, and I’m grateful indeed. I enjoyed it! I received it as an audio-book gift and listening to it was a bit like a play. The excellent reader did accents, Welsh, Cockney and others! On the other hand, I understand the photos in the book are unique. I did download the PDF file that came with the book but have not had time to look at them properly.

It is a young-adults books. There are parts where this is very obvious. It IS a  coming-of-age story. But the book is well written, and surprised me a few times when I felt sure I knew what would happen. More important, there are layers of meaning and lots of things to think about here.

And a rocking good adventure story with suspense.

So when are they making a movie out of it?


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