Saturday’s Book: “Kaplan’s Quest” by Steinitz

As this is the second book I have read by Richard Steinitz (the first was “Murder over the Border”) I was prepared for an intriguing story, whose plot I could not guess.

I was not disappointed!

Steinitz had me join a quest traversing several countries – Israel, Germany France and Canada, and a travel back into time. World War Two in both Germany and Occupied France. I had never given any thought to the fact that there were Jewish athletes in pre-war Germany. And that some vanished inexplicably? “Inexplicably” as in “not in the manner you imagine for that time and place at all”? Slowly, with true detective work, the young hero uncovers and connects the puzzle pieces explaining his great uncle’s disappearance so many years ago.

Historic detective work of this kind requires patience and I found that sometimes the book required some patience as well. There are parts where Steinitz gets bogged down in too many details and explanations. But my patience was well rewarded and I’m glad I read the book .

Oh – I did guess that the boy gets the girl! And that’s not a spoiler, that’s a heartwarming pleasure!

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