A Non-Holiday Themed Video Lesson


Can you see the Menorah in it? Happy Chanuka!
Can you see the Menorah in the tree? Happy Chanuka!

Music videos with holiday songs simply do not work with most of my deaf and hard of hearing students.  I was only able to use Pharrell’s “Because I’m Happy” video back in September’s holiday season because that video is incredibly popular, has a simple word in the chorus (happy) AND I had a version of it in American Sign Language.

So I gave up trying to make a holiday themed video lesson and just used a short video, without dialogue (of course!) with a surprise ending. Something to interest teenagers. Thanks to Leo Selivan for introducing me to this video. You can have the students begin with the version below or watch the film  The Black Hole on YouTube first so as to see it without it being paused.

Here it is below.

Note: In the embedded version you see below the first question appears a second too early. In the version you find at this link this problem doesn’t exist, but you must answer on a separate page/doc, which is what I asked my students to do in any case.




2 thoughts on “A Non-Holiday Themed Video Lesson”

  1. Hi Naomi,

    Thank you for the mention!
    Getting ready for my Silent Clips workshop tomorrow and I wanted to include your version too. The only thing I don’t understand is what’s happening with EDmodo. Why wouldn’t the embedded version play and why wouldn’t the other let me answer the questions?


    1. Leo,
      Glad you liked it.
      The embedded version does work now, so I don’t know what happened when you looked. It takes a minute to load. I find it wonderful that in the “link” version the students can’t answer. I saw it this week. The students can’t copy and paste and they have to type up the answer. It really makes the students look at what they are doing!

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