Saturday’s DON’T READ Book: Sharp Objects by Flynn

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(Naomi’s Photos)

I’m so sorry I ever picked up this book.

Gillian Flynn is a skillful writer and I was impressed by most of “Gone Girl”. This book is one she wrote before that, her debut novel.

I give her full credit for knowing how to write. That’s not the problem.

I knew the book was a murder mystery, and expected the gruesome murders at the beginning. But I found this book simply disgusting to read. Not only the events but the way all the women in the town were depicted and their behavior in the past and the present.

I read more of it that I should have because there is suspense but before I got to the middle I realized that there was no reason I should feel this bad every time I began reading. I read the last chapter to confirm my suspicions about who had done “it” and returned the book to the library.

Now I hope to forget the book as soon as possible!

3 thoughts on “Saturday’s DON’T READ Book: Sharp Objects by Flynn”

  1. I actually liked this book a lot, I guess it depends on the taste. I’ve always been a big fan of crime related tv shows, movies and books but i had taken a “break” from them, and after that i read this book. To be honest, some parts seemed quite extreme but interesting at the same time.
    If you like these type of books you could pick it up, but I’ve seen a lot of different opinions on this book, so you will either love it or hate it.

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