Saturday’s Book: “In Cold Blood” by Truman Capote

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I have known about this book for years. I’ve read about it, read articles about the author and have encountered many mentions of this book. But I never felt particularly motivated to read it. It’s about a brutal murder of a family, why would I want to read about THAT?!

Then my husband read a book by Capote called “The Grass Harp”. He liked it. Aha! Here’s a way to try reading this celebrated author without the murder story! So off I went to the library to look for it in English (I won’t read a translation).

However, the only book by Capote in English in our library was “In Cold Blood”.  The librarian literally gasped when I said hadn’t read it. “You must read it!” she insisted.

So I did.

Excellent! Got me hooked on page one! I’m so glad I finally discovered Capote – I now want to read everything he wrote. There is something so captivating about his writing – everything is so vivid. Sort of reading in full color.

My only complaint is that the book is too long. Particularly the last parts. But when you think that it came out in 1966, it’s easy to understand why it had such an impact. They didn’t have programs like Law & Order in those days. Here you get the perspective of everyone involved, all aspects and characters examined and presented. And of course, it is a true story. The impact of the murders on the community is so powerful. Unfortunately, the topic is as relevant today as it was then.

I recommend it!


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