Saturday’s Book: “Notes from a Small Island” by Bryson

I wonder if they have these trees in England...
I wonder if they have these trees in England…

A delightful book which would make a great blog.

That’s the thing about reading travel books –  it would be even more fun to get a weekly installment in my inbox, finding out what Bryson has discovered / shared this week on his journey through England. I don’t what to miss any part of this delightful book, but it’s not a book to read a lot of in one sitting.

It’s a testament to how good a book it is that it hardly bothers me that the book is dated – 1994 if I understood correctly. While I’m sure some places no longer look at all like Bryson describes them, that’s not the point. He is informative in regards to past events (lots of curious information) and is funny. But most important, he shares a sense of excitement and wonder.

I was so pleased by the part about Durham! When I first met Sandy Millin virtually (and have since had the pleasure of meeting her in person!!) she told me a lot about what a hidden gem Durham was and then introduced me to Bryson. He LOVED Durham!


2 thoughts on “Saturday’s Book: “Notes from a Small Island” by Bryson”

  1. So glad you enjoyed it! You’ll also like his other books, especially Mother Tongue, which is all about the English language.

    1. You know I take note, Sandy! Sometimes it takes me a few years, but I get there! Thanks again!

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