Saturday’s Movie-Following-a-Book: “Capote”

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Following recommendations from friends who read my previous post about the book “In Cold Blood” by Truman Capote, I just saw the movie “Capote” (in some places on the Internet the name of the movie appears as “Truman Capote”, but the film itself opens with “Capote”).

It’s a good movie and Hoffman is superb! I must admit that I would have liked more information about Capote himself, how he made the transition from his unhappy childhood to being a successful writer. The movie is about him and how self-centered he was in any case. Nonetheless, it is very good.

As someone who just read the book, I was somewhat surprised at how self-centered he was (or at least, was portrayed) in the film. In the book you find an author who gives you an in-depth perspective of other people’s (lots of other people!) point of view. I don’t quite understand how a very self-centered person could do that. But people are very complex, aren’t they?

Harper Lee is a main character in the film too – I knew nothing of the connection.

Watch the film!

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