Saturday’s Book: “A Hat Full of Sky” by Terry Pratchett

How do I get home? (Naomi's photos)
How do I get home?
(Naomi’s photos)

This is the second book of the series about Tiffany Aching. The series is aimed at young adults and I find that Pratchett absolutely outdid himself when writing for young adults. This series is so very good on so many levels.

Perhaps I enjoy it even more because of the teacher side in me, which as we all know very well, cannot be turned off. Pratchett, while giving adventure and comedy, promotes a love of language and a curiosity about words and the world around us. I just delight in his use of language!

I got this second book as an audio-book. As always, Audible has excellent readers and I got to hear the Mac Nac Feegles’ dialogue in a Scottish accent which was great fun! It made it harder for me to copy out a quote I really took to heart though. Afterwards I discovered that there are pages of quotes from this series online!

I’m thinking of posting this quote in my classroom. I find it to be very powerful. However, while I’m positive it is relevant to my Special Ed students and their complicated lives, I don’t know if they will relate to it.

“There isn’t a way things should be. There’s just what happens and what we do”.

(Chapter 4. Don’t ask for a page number because it was an audio-book!).

2 thoughts on “Saturday’s Book: “A Hat Full of Sky” by Terry Pratchett”

  1. after hearing so much about Tiffany Aching, i have decided to read the book. i’m in the middle of the first one (Wee Free Men.) it is wonderful. in general, Pratchett’s language is always fantastic!

    1. So glad you like it, Sara! I love the way he encouraged kids to like words and learn things.
      Happy reading!

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