Visual Prayers for the New School Year

School begins day after tomorrow.

These are the thoughts taking over my head right now:

* May I succeed in drawing the new students out of their “shells”, in a positive way.

Naomi's Photos
Naomi’s Photos


* May I manage to employ an emotional sifter that lets the really good things about being a teacher get through while barely letting the bad aspects affect me.

Naomi's Photos
Naomi’s Photos


* May the students understand that we need to work together and that they must invest some effort. Simply believing in success is not enough…

(Naomi's Photos)
(Naomi’s Photos)

* May I keep the students alert (and awake!)

Naomi's photos
Naomi’s photos

* May I not spend all my late evenings on school work!

Naomi's Photos
Naomi’s Photos


Wishing everyone an energizing, interesting, satisfying and healthy new school year!

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