Saturday’s Book: “The Story of Ferdinand” by Munro Leaf


Ferdinand! Can you find these flowers? Naomi's Photos
Ferdinand! Can you find these flowers?
Naomi’s Photos

Our family took a trivia quiz together today and the following question was on it:

“Under which tree did Ferdinand the bull like to sit?”

Not only couldn’t I remember the answer to the question related to this lovely children’s book, our sons didn’t remember the book! I DID read it to them when they were young, but it wasn’t a book we actually owned and they don’t remember it all. Frankly, they couldn’t quite imagine a book related to bull fights as being “lovely”…

I really liked the tale. Must tell MY mother about it – she loved reading me that book along with Mike Mulligan and the Steam Shovel. Sigh – another book our boys didn’t own and I don’t think they remember. As much as I try not to buy books and rejoice in the library, the books young children own seem to be the ones that find a firm hold in their memories.

There are lots of videos related to the book online – I found the narrator of this one to be amusing.



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