A Video Review of “Thank You M’am” by Hughes


Compare and Contrast (Naomi's Photos)
Compare and Contrast
(Naomi’s Photos)

We’ve been studying the story “Thank You M’am” by Langston Hughes for a bit over two months. It’s part of our literature segment in the EFL program.

I felt that my deaf and hard of hearing students need to review the story before taking the summative assessment.

I found a video which was obviously made by young people – Mrs. Jones in the video has braces! The creators stuck to the basic  story line but there are some obvious differences. That actually is useful, as the higher order thinking skill “Comparing and Contrasting” is one we are working on.

Although I’m using this video review without the soundtrack for obvious reasons, I think the fact that you can see the characters talking but not hear them serves as a useful review for students without a hearing loss as well. Especially as the video is not entirely faithful to the text . One example I found amusing was that the creators  felt the need to take inflation into account – Mrs. Jones gives Roger TWENTY  dollars instead of ten.

On the other hand, the dialogue serves as more material to compare. In short – enjoy!


6 thoughts on “A Video Review of “Thank You M’am” by Hughes”

  1. the video isn’t natural , the story is better than it , i thank if the director change the music and make it longer , it will be better . in addition to the change in the setting of the story and the end of it

    1. Manala,
      Everything you mentioned is precisely what makes it useful for a review before the summative assessment. I’m using it without the soundtrack, so the dialogue and music aren’t a problem. And it’s a great review to be able to spot all the the things that are wrong with the film!
      Thank you for stopping by!

    1. Dina!
      I’m so glad you find my materials useful.
      I post my materials on this blog so that anyone can use them.
      For Thank You Ma’m, the questions in the ECB book we used work well, I didn’t need to create something different.

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