Dora and her father, Nochim Meir. The only two that remained at home ...
Dora and her father, Nochim Meir. The only two that remained at home …

Note: This is part ten of a new Saturday series, in which I, with crowdsourcing help, try to unravel the mysteries hidden in previously unknown letters written by my mysterious step-great aunt Dvora /Dora before and during WWll in Poland. For further explanations see previous post.

There are two words that I need your help with in this letter. The date is January, but I’m not sure of what year. In the future perhaps I will find the right marriage records which will help date the letter.

Note: Libby is Dora’s half sister on her father’s side.

“Dear Libby and Irving,

I am happy in your happiness, I wish you the best from the bottom of the hearth.  I am surely glad to hear from you good news, but my joy is mixed with a deep mourning because there passed nearly two months that my love mother died. The pitiful father he had built twice the life and what remained him. The children disseminated over the world , we remained two lonely lubu ???.  Such is the lot. I wish to write you a letter in Jewish because the nujuol ??? is me  clear to be able to write in English all have what to say you.

two lonely something

not a nujol

Please write about your new life, about your husband, what is his doing. Believe me that the only pleasure is to get a letter from you. Because from Palestine we hear  anything. Write me what happened with them

New dear Irving How it came that you are us dear? In my mathematics if you are dear to Lillian and she is dear to me, then you are also dear to me. If you have time and desire that we shall correspond, I’m going to write you a letter.

As ever,

your sister Dora”



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