Saturday’s Triple Book Post

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Once again, I have been reading, but haven’t kept up with the posting.

In the Kingdom of Ice by Sides – part two

In my first post about this book I promised I would update when I finished it.


I had thought I might quit when the going gets rough (as indicated by the subtitle, it’s not a spoiler), but who could quit? Especially as I was dying to know how the author had such detailed information about the different stages of their polar journey. Also, the crew seemed to have a knack for overcoming impossible odds until…

Now THAT would be a spoiler.  Read the book!

My Grandmother Sends Her Regards and Apologizes, by Backman

The beginning of the book requires patience, but afterwards I found the book to be very engaging and enjoyed it. The book begins with rather too many details from the stories Elsa (almost 8 and gifted) is told by her “crazy” grandmother. While it is obvious that the stories are important to the plot, at that stage I found it hard to be interested in all their details.

However, once the plot really got going, I was really drawn in. Elsa’s family and neighbors, her feminist-trail blazing-unorthodox grandmother and Elsa herself are all rich and interesting characters.


The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George

Not for me at all.

After enjoying the lovely concept in the first chapter of assigning books to cure people like a prescription for medicine, I lost patience with the book fairly quickly and abandoned ship.

I truly dislike platitudes about “what women want” or “what men are like”. And that’s just for starters…


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  1. The Little Paris Bookshop wasn’t about using books as medicine. It was about the main characters and a bit all over the place. I liked it, but that’s about it. Mildly entertaining and not particularly thought provoking.

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