Saturday’s Book – “Commonwealth” by Ann Patchett

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Ann Patchett does it again.

It’s the fifth book I have read by this author and I enjoyed every single one of them!

She has a gift for storytelling that brings the characters to life so vividly but without assuming that the reader needs to be spoon-fed with every little detail explained and rehashed. I love the way she delves into rich scenes of the characters’ lives, supplying information regarding the past as needed, when it serves the plot. I also enjoy how this story about the lives of the members of two families ┬áis told from the perspective of different family members at different time periods. Especially as it all ties in together so seamlessly.

It’s a very hard book to stop reading – read when you have some free time!

I think there are two books of Patchett’s I haven’t yet read, but I will!

Highly recommended!

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