Distance Learning – Practicing Wh questions in Context with Struggling Teens

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My Deaf and hard of hearing 11th and 12th-grade students should have been about 3 weeks away from taking their national final matriculation exams.

That was before COVID-19 of course.

Assuming that at some point the students WILL be taking these exams, we will continue to teach online after this holiday break.

My students who struggle the most, going for the lowest level of the exams, need a lot of practice with answering Wh questions about short reading passages.

When I say short I mean short.

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These are students who don’t do much without me sitting with them. Distance learning is hitting them the hardest. It will be more effective to use shorter passages.

So the exercises I am sharing below are “self-check tasks” of short texts with questions for reading comprehension.  Only Wh type questions.

In addition, I really want to emphasize the connection between the correct answer and the “Wh” question word used.  So each of the following exercises has two versions. One is a standard “answer the question” version. The other version includes the answers, but the question words are missing.

I hope you find these exercises useful!


Reading Ads Practice Paper One

Reading Ads Practice Paper One (b)

Reading Ads Practice Paper Two

Reading Ads Practice Paper Two (b) 

Reading Ads Practice Paper Three

Reading Ads Practice Paper Three (b)


6 thoughts on “Distance Learning – Practicing Wh questions in Context with Struggling Teens”

    1. I am glad you found the exercises helpful, Debbie! Did you see that I added one more worksheet (two versions)?
      Thanks for your comment!

    1. Debbie,
      I prepared everything using WORD, I saved it as a PDF (though you don’t have to, I personally prefer to do so), uploaded it to liveworksheets.com, marked the spaces I want them to fill in, wrote “Choose: option 1 / option 2 / *option 3 (the asterisk marks the right answer), previewed the document and saved it. Voila!
      Try it!

    1. Rachel, I have my students send me a picture of the results they got when they checked both the A & B version. Then they have to send me, typed (not a picture of!) two questions and their answers.
      Thank you for your kind words!

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