Goal 3 “What Do You Believe About Learning?”

My first reaction to today’s goal at the 30 Goals Challenge was; ” there are SO many aspects and ways to look at learning, where do I begin”?

Tweeting with Lisa Dabbs today gave me the “handle” I needed  – mentoring! She has a lovely post on it. I’d like to highlight a different aspect which is what the MENTOR learns from mentoring.

I had the experience of mentoring a brand new teacher, straight out of college, who at the same time also became my colleague, teaching the same pupils I do (we teach in the format of a learning center. I teach full time and she teaches part time in addition to my hours).

I’ve been  teaching for 25 years yet I found I was learning a great deal from the experience. First of all, because she repeatedly asked “WHY?”. I had set into motion all kinds of ways of doing things, some of which I had been doing so long that I no longer remembered why I had decided to do them in this particular way. Suddenly I had to reexamine everything! Sometimes it was tiring, but it was always useful. Some strategies or practices I realized that I felt good about them because now I remembered why they were planned just so. Others turned out to be “dusty” and were tweaked or even replaced.

Of course, as a talented young teacher, she came with suggestions of her own which have enriched my teaching!

But the thing I thank her most for is helping me to continue THINKING about what I am doing and why!

4 thoughts on “Goal 3 “What Do You Believe About Learning?””

  1. Naomi,
    What a great post! I love this piece:”Others (strategies) turned out to be “dusty” and were tweaked or even replaced.” This is so what I’m about as an educator. Get rid of the dead-wieght and by all means DONT pass it on to those you mentor! LOL 😀
    I too have been mentoring grads out of college who have their BA and are working on their teaching credential. I love the refreshing convos. I look forward to tweeting and more convos with you,too! Thanks so much for the lovely comment on my blog. 🙂

  2. I loved how truthful and from the heart your post was Naomi. I have been a mentor to a few new teachers from our Teacher Education Program and it has been mostly a very enriching experience. It’s vital for teachers – especially those like us who have been doing it for a long time – to find ways to keep looking at the practice with fresh eyes!

    Thanks for a lovely post!:-)

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