“Naomi’s Visual Lessons” – A New YouTube Channel!



I’ve finally done it.

I launched a YouTube Channel, called “Naomi’s Visual Lessons“.

What’s a “Visual Lesson” you ask?

A lesson that includes words to read, an audio narration of the written words appearing in the video, and LOTS of visuals that help clarify what is being explained.

See/ Listen / Read

Designed for clarity!

Note: Some lessons include a link to a practice worksheet after the student watches the lesson.

Hmmm, I wrote “lessons” in the plural form.

I have several lessons in preparation, and decades (quite literally!) of materials waiting their turn to be upgraded, but currently there is one Visual Lesson online:

Where will I find the answer?

Line numbers can confuse you if you aren’t careful! This video will show you which details to pay attention to!

Here’s the link to the worksheet to practice what you learned. https://shorturl.at/achk6 

Watch this space, more to come!



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