Goal 25 – Relationships are Built on LITTLE Things!

Goal 25 of the 30 goals challenge “Build relationshipes with them” made me smile. Good relationships are often built on little things, unrelated to curriculum. Let me tell you about the kid who:

* ALWAYS asks to use my pencil, never brings his own (17 years old, has a million health problems). I don’t say a word about it, just let him use mine every lesson!

* the shy kid with C.P. who comes to class 10 minutes BEFORE the bell rings as he sometimes needs a quiet place.

* the girl who oftens sleeps over at friends’ houses and comes to school with a ton of stuff and stores it in my classroom till the end of the school day.

* the kid who ALWAYS needs to go out for a few minutes each lesson. He gives me a signal and I let him go. We don’t even say anything.

* the EXTREMELY tense girl who is VERY stressed by math. I let her join extra math tutoring groups on English lesson time before major math exams.

*** I take the pictures at the Purim Festival (it was last Friday). I posted almost 70 pictures this year of the kids in their costumes and the festivities! I send pictures to any pupil that takes the trouble to politlely ask me for the pictures in better quality !

6 thoughts on “Goal 25 – Relationships are Built on LITTLE Things!”

  1. Naomi – this is a beautiful little collection of moments you’ve had / are having with your students. They are very lucky to have such a kind hearted teacher… it reminded me of the film Pay it Forward http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0223897/ You’ve probably seen it but if not it’s about a student who is inspired by his teacher to come up with the idea of paying forward a received act of kindness to someone else.

    Imagine the light that your students will bring into the world as they receive your kindness and naturally pay it forward as well as hopefully a little back to you as well! ;-p

    1. During the school day we’re not just teacher and students, we’re people sharing the same space!

      I heard about the film but never had the opportunity to see it. I’ll ask around!

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